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Tiny Adventure

A monthly newsletter about tiny houses & yurts, self-sustainable living, new education, life design and much more.


learning & Sharing


Hi, my name is Martynas Jocius. I am here to learn about self-sustainable living, better technologies and the nature of life itself.

I try to share my learnings with people in forms of dialogs, music, writings, and software tools.

I'm an engineer and these days I spend a lot of time building a platform for communities called Tipi. At the same time I'm a self-taught biologist, musician and author.

Join me to learn together about living in a new and self-sustainable way, finding better technologies and experiencing a life worth remembering.

— Martynas —


A few memories from exploring, learning and sharing ideas [2013-2016]:


If you're a Lithuanian, also take a look at my LT project about life journeys VIRSMAI: