Unexpected Journey
Apps, music, and stories by Martynas Jocius

Forest Ambience: Together (Live in Nature)

We stand strong
In never ending
We create time

“Together” (2019) is a new lo-fi ambient song from the “Forest Ambience” project. Here you can see and hear a live playing synthesizer that is using generative music techniques to modulate sound and make separate melodies become slightly different, breathing, moving during each loop. Recorded in Nida, Lithuania, using Korg Electribe and Roland R-01 sound recorder.

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Reflection 1.3.1: Back Up Your Journals

Reflection 1.3.1 comes with manual data backup feature that allows people to save their journals on external storage or other secure place.

This is very important, because Reflection is built to be trustful by avoiding any data synchronization with any server. Because of that users are responsible for making their own data backups.

Install or update is available on the Mac App Store.

I feel very happy about this version, and especially how a product that was developed to solve my own problem is now used by many people. I feel grateful for that.

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Wild Flute 004 / Ambient Sketches

Is what grabs attention
Deep water
Is where they live

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Wild Flute 003 / Ambient Sketches

I could say that
Simple things
Like creeks, forests and clouds
Give me fulfillment, meaning
And happiness
But the truth is
That there’s nothing simple about
All the magic
When human consciousness
Meets the unspeakable

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Wild Flute 002 / Ambient Sketches

White forest
Deep snow
Beautiful dream
Bansuri flute
Spontaneous thought
Cosmic giggle

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Wild Flute 001 / Ambient Sketches

Bansuri sound
Finds me looking into the water
It's simple
And I enjoy it simple
Felt and present
Performed without a need
To sound great
To be better
Because now
I simply am

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Reflection 1.2.3 Released

I'm happy to announce Reflection 1.2.3. This is a small update release that adds:

  • New feature: entry duplication.
  • Close preview button for bookmarks.
  • Small UI improvements.

Update is available via the App Store.

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Brown Trouts Are a Sign of Cold and Fresh Water

Cold and fresh water
Full of living beings
Dreaming under the stones
Or hunting above them
Trouts are standing still
With almost no effort
In fast moving water
I have so much
To learn from them
About life

Picture: Brown trout (Salmo trutta).

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Reflection 1.2.2 Released

There are quite a lot of updates in version 1.2.2 that you might find useful.

  • Faster UI when switching journals.
  • Better looking checklists.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for saving and discarding entries: "Command+S" and "Esc".
  • New keyboard shortcut for opening settings: "Command+,".
  • Small bug fixes.

You can update to Reflection 1.2.2 directly from App Store app on your Mac.

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A Short Thank You Letter

This is an experimental thank you letter that I've posted on Instagram using a screenshot of Reflection journal.

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Forest Ambience: Quest (Live in Nature)

A lifelong quest. Sometimes it can be felt in the moments like this, when running water becomes time, when genetic geometry is representing itself as separate species, yet the process of life and death tells a story that nothing lasts. The Nature itself touches my body and soul then. And life continues.

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Forest Ambience: Symbiosis (Live in Nature)

Symbiosis is a close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms. It forms between various species of trees and fungi, plants and insects, humans and gut bacteria. This is a very deep and fascinating topic.

Happy to share “Symbiosis” (2018) music video. 🎛🌲🍄🦉

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Forest Ambience: Mycelium (Live in Nature)

This is another minimal ambient video that I recorded in beautiful Lithuanian nature.

Mycelium is the main part of a fungus, and now it is known that animals derived from them. Mycelium creates life where it was not possible before. More than 50% of all soil is made of living or dead mycelium. Mycelium turns rock into soil, so plants can grow and animals can live on new land. Mycelium cleans the environment from the toxic material and turns dead plants and animals into the soil so that new life can thrive. The largest known living organism in the world is a 2200 years old mycelium the size of 9.7 km² in Oregon, USA. It’s possible that fungus is a life form with the best karma on Earth.

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Forest Ambience: Ecosystem (Live in Nature)

I have started experimenting with minimal ambient music this year, and this is my new adventure that I enjoy so much. The first video was recorded by the river Dūkšta, a few hundred meters away from my tiny house.

Early spring. Nature is waking up after the winter, and she is well rested. First flowers of the April are starting to blossom, but at this time you can only feel how leaves will be soon bursting all around. The natural ecosystem is rich with life and death. But now it’s a new beginning.

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