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Personal journal for Mac

Serious thought or consideration.

Reflection is a journaling app for Mac that keeps personal content private.

What makes Reflection different:

  • Clean and minimalist user interface.
  • Designed as a true journal (not a collection of notes).
  • Stores all content in plain text files on user's computer.
  • Does not send content to any server (cloud).
  • No hidden features or costs, you get everything right away.

Reflection can help you:

  • Use separate journals to create isolated spaces for daily reflections and work journals.
  • Create and organize journal entries easily.
  • Use labels to browse entries by topic.
  • Bookmark the most important entries to access them quickly.
  • Browse your entries month by month.
  • Format text using simple and effective Markdown syntax.

"Pain plus reflection equals progress." – Ray Dalio

Designed and developed after using paper & digital journals for 10+ years, Reflection is here to make journaling more enjoyable and effective.

What people are saying:

"This app looks perfect." - Risa

"I've just started using your app for work and it's fantastic." - Thomas

"Excellent application." - Antoine

"Reflection is the best because it's simple, sleek, and it does the job perfectly." - Jen

"You have created a fantastic app." – Valadie

To report bugs, share feedback or just to say hi, contact me directly via email

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