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A Look Inside Tommy Caldwell’s Gear Shed

Rock climbing is a very special sport to me because it means determination, courage, hard work and strategic thinking. It also means a lot of time in nature.

Climbing has a lot of similarities to start-ups. And as I am a lot more a startup guy than a climber, connecting those two things makes life a lot richer.

Tommy Caldwell is a guy I was following online for many years. He inspires me so much. Click here to see his TEDx talk.

When I found this video about Tommy's house (and a van!) I was blown away once again. That's what I'm dreaming about and this is why I've got a tiny house by all means! A house in nature, full of gear for training, music production and building things, and a van prepared for long trips to nature.

Let me share one more thing that inspires me.