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Climbing a 3200 Year Old Giant Sequoia Tree

Global deforestation is a giant problem. Almost everyone agrees that it must be solved as soon as possible. But almost no one seems to know how to do that.

National Geographic writes:

"Deforestation is clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land. Forests still cover about 30 percent of the world’s land area, but swaths half the size of England are lost each year."

"The world’s rain forests could completely vanish in a hundred years at the current rate of deforestation."

Read more about that here.

I admire scientists who spend their lives doing research on various mysteries and problems of nature. In this NG video, tree climbers go up to the top of giant sequoia tree to do their work.

An amazing combination of sports climbing and science!

Learning about deforestation, reforestation, and other ecological challenges, as well as gaining knowledge about species and how ecosystems work is the first essential step for all of us to become more conscious about the problem. That is why I will be sharing videos, links, and stories like this in the future.

I believe that if you want to save something, at first you have to value or love it. Exploring and learning about trees does exactly that.

"National Geographic photographer Michael Nichols takes his work to new heights, capturing the beauty of a 3,200-year-old, 247-foot-tall sequoia known as the President."

Watch more great videos about tree climbing:

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