Unexpected Journey
Apps, music, and stories by Martynas Jocius

Brown Trouts Are a Sign of Cold and Fresh Water

Cold and fresh water
Full of living beings
Dreaming under the stones
Or hunting above them
Trouts are standing still
With almost no effort
In fast moving water
I have so much
To learn from them
About life

Picture: Brown trout (Salmo trutta).

When global temperature level will rise a few degrees and floods will become regular, fresh water streams will be impacted and even destroyed every year, and trout populations will go extinct.

That would be a sad disaster. I hope that will never happen. But at a smaller scale that is already happening...

We need to think and talk a lot more about wild species and human impact on them. Using minimal music and simple illustrations like I decided to do, or via documentaries, books, and other forms. Because we are out of time... Let's connect and do what needs to be done.