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Trout Filming Trip Turned Into Something Else

A week ago, as if by accident, there were favorable circumstances to start working on one planned long-term creative project. I packed my coffee and camera into my backpack and went for a few hours to a small beautiful creek where I was hoping to start filming a small documentary on Lithuanian trout (Salmo trutta fario).

The trip was a complete failure in terms of the goals set, but absolutely magical compared to what was actually going on.

I have seen more than one trout. I've seen some of them especially beautiful, grown up, really big for such small water. But as soon as I saw them, in a fraction of a second they were hiding somewhere under the rocks (there are small pockets behind them, perfect for hiding and waiting for food).

Then, unexpectedly, the sun came out from behind the beautiful autumn mist. It glided over the trees and painted the entire forest yellowish, filling the water flowing through the rocks with glitter.

The moment was very special. And then came the realization that I was actually coming here to make a new short video clip for my new music record.

Then I started filming the stream, moving water, quiet trees around. Slow motion mode revealed details that I had never seen before with my naked eyes.

I completely exhausted my fully charged battery and returned home with the material knowing what would happen next, even though I had no expectations of when.

Then, yesterday, a vision of a new style of music came to me. I could hear the sound in my imagination that inspired me a lot. Today I already have a draft of a new piece. And stream flow records. I do not expect any magical result, but the creative process always brings with it that special sense of the eternal now that has nothing to add or take away.