Martynas Jocius
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My Path and Bugs

When I was a child I was determined to become a biologist. It was a true dream. I was working hard for years, every weekend going on foot to explore the beautiful forest on the outskirts of my city, in any weather conditions. There were no unread books on any subject in biology both at the school and city libraries, and I was hunting valuable new books on any subject in biology at the bookstores at that time.

One day when I was about 17 years old, I found a few books on bugs at a local bookstore. That was an insane success. These books have been following me through difficult and bright times to these days. Not only to teach me about bugs (I still know almost nothing about them), but to remind and inspire me to take action on what is important to me now.

Later I found new obsessions (computer vision, machine learning, software business) and my path has mutated. But I have no regrets about that. It was all valuable, and now all that experience supports my new explorations.

Only recently I have discovered macro photography, at a time when there are no active bugs left outside. And that's fine. Mushrooms are still there, and books give me hope that spring is near, and I am simply winning some time to learn what's going to help soon.