Martynas Jocius
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Home Waters (Short Film)

Here is a new vlog-like sonic meditation which I call a short film. It's about the creek that I'm trying to explore and understand more deeply. Because this creek already is the source of so much magic in my recent years. I'm grateful for it.

Music: Martynas Jocius – Silent Knowledge (alt. Virsmai – Nebylusis Žinojimas).

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A Magical Place (Short Film)

A new short film that continues the saga of small forest creeks. For me this place is magical, and I come here as often as I can (but not too often) to heal and strengthen my sould and body. It's a wild place where trees fall and die naturally, where brown trouts live, and where you can see so many boulders that were brought here thousands of kilometers from the north during the last ice age.

Recorded in December 2019.

Soundtrack: A Magical Place (2019, unreleased).

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Time (Short Film)

"Time" is a short film about a small creek, forest, autumn, and life.

Music and video footage by Martynas Jocius (me).

Thanks for watching.

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Trout Filming Trip Turned Into Something Else

A week ago, as if by accident, there were favorable circumstances to start working on one planned long-term creative project. I packed my coffee and camera into my backpack and went for a few hours to a small beautiful creek where I was hoping to start filming a small documentary on Lithuanian trout (Salmo trutta fario).

The trip was a complete failure in terms of the goals set, but absolutely magical compared to what was actually going on.

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A Warm Autumn Day

Sun and warm wind is back for a few days. A good time to explore some wild places with the family. We say hi to this small beautiful insect.

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Pine Seed (Generative Ambient Loop)

"Pine Seed", a draft generative loop for a new song.

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Biodiversity (Short Clip)

Small waters are a habitat for often rare and mysterious animals. This tiny stream might be one of the last places where nearly extinct species of mayflies or stoneflies live, or it may be the home for only healthy species. You never know unless you start exploring and paying attention.

I've recorded this short video clip while visiting one small stream today, and it played well with "Biodiversity" song that I plan to release some time in the future. Hopefully soon.

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Mist Caught in a Spider Web

We can only hear Eurasian nuthatch, great tit and blue tit beeping in the branches. Some woodpecker is pruning a tree. Middle of the autumn. Many bird species are gone. But a camera with macro lenses does not allow me falling deep into personal thougths. We are scanning the forest together with my little doughter. We are looking for something small and interesting. Tiny mushrooms growing on old trees. Snails, spiders, flies. And we find this little spider web holding beautiful drops of mist. It's only a centimeter wide, but it looks almost alien when magnified. She urges me to go further.

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