Creative Experiments
by Martynas Jocius
In this blog I will be sharing short and long stories about creativity, life design, product development, biology, and other topics that inspire.

Quest: Minimal Ambient in Nature #6

I would not be able to tell what my lifelong quest is about even when asked. Sometimes it can be felt in the moments like this, when running water becomes time, when genetic geometry is representing itself as separate species, yet the process of life and death tells a story that nothing lasts. The Nature itself touches my body and soul then. And life continues.

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Symbiosis: Minimal Ambient in Nature #5

Symbiosis is a close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms. It forms between various species of trees and fungi, plants and insects, humans and gut bacteria. This is a very deep and fascinating topic.

Happy to share “Symbiosis” (2018) music video. 🎛🌲🍄🦉

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Mycelium: Minimal Ambient in Nature #2

This is another minimal ambient video that I recorded in beautiful Lithuanian nature.

Watch and leave a comment on Youtube.

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How to Significantly Increase Brain Efficiency and Body Energy: Yerba Mate, its History, Biochemistry, and 11 Incredible Qualities

It’s 8 p.m. I’m sitting at my computer, listening to music. I’m writing an article about what literally inspires me every day – the yerba mate plant. I’ve used this plant for thirteen years, and it’s time to share my experiences with you.

In about three hours, I will be going to bed, but I’ve just downed a full cup of mate, which is rich in caffeine. When I go to bed, I will fall asleep in 1-3 minutes, and the heavily toning tea will not disturb my sleep.

How is that possible?

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How to Make Extra Time for Experimental Projects Using Precisely Engineered Morning Routines

It was 5:55 AM. My alarm clock rang, as it always does at this time of day. I got up quietly and started executing a very specific set of actions: I went to the kitchen, turned on the kettle, went to the bathroom, came back to the kitchen and poured myself a Pu-erh tea with boiled water. Then I sat down to meditate for 20 minutes using Transcendental Meditation technique that I practice since 2011.

After meditation, I got my tea from the kitchen, turned on a relaxing music track on my headphones, and started journaling. It's not easy to describe that amazing feeling that comes when you connect the vibes of an early morning, good tea, beautiful music, and writing about things that matter.

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