Unexpected Journey


by Martynas Jocius


Being aware of things and events that are happening inside and outside of ourselves is a great gift that nature has given to us. But it is so natural that it's too hard to feel, touch, and appreciate it before it changes or disappears in the ocean of dreams...

Wanting to learn more about our personal awareness, we dive deep into meditative states of mind, where mind becomes so calm that thoughts are almost gone, but something very bright remains in there...

A watching, curious, and aware entity. We can call it the "I", the soul, or give it another name, but this is how awareness feels in the moment of now. And that discovery changes everything.

Ambient music album "Awareness" is dedicated to our personal and collective awareness, because everything that is alive, including humans, animals, plants, and fungi, has this gift.

This music is my thank you letter to Earth's biosphere that evolved into this beautiful and conscious form we are part of.

Available on Bandcamp